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5 Acts Of Gratitude To Grow Your Business

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5 Acts Of Gratitude To Grow Your Business

Gratitude makes the world go round. Or, at least it should. We strongly believe that if we made gratitude our driving emotion as opposed to other, less positive ones, we would be operating on a whole different and amazing level, both as individuals and as businesses. Yes, I said businesses. You must have heard or read about how gratitude is crucial toward personal development. Now let me tell you that is crucial to the development of your business as well. How? Read on to find out.

Say “thank you”

The power of a simple thank you cannot be overstated. It is one of those commonplace things that seemingly do not make much of a difference, but in business, it can be a subtle game changer. It pays to remember that people like being acknowledged and appreciated, and it costs nothing to give them that acknowledgement and appreciation. Say thank you to potential clients for reaching out. Say thank you to your secretary for bringing you that cup of coffee. Say thank you to all your employees for their service. Say thank you to all your clients for choosing you and staying with you. Say thank you and mean it. It is important to feel the gratitude you express, partly because your employees and clients can spot an unfeeling expression of gratitude from miles away.

Create a Company Culture of Gratitude

You heard me! What made you quit your job and start a business? Did you dread Mondays? Did you dread going back to a place where you toiled day after day, month after month, only to be undervalued and underappreciated? Most employees who are unsatisfied with their workplace report that they are more likely to stay in a job where their efforts are recognized and appreciated. Do not recreate for your employees a workplace that you escaped from. Create a culture of gratitude, and not just by saying thank you. Go a few steps further, and reward your employees with career development opportunities, scope to exercise their creativity, involving them in business decisions, and in general supporting team spirit and employee wellbeing.

Pay bonuses

You heard me! Pay your employees the bonuses they deserve and pay it on time. At first sight, this might feel like a recipe to lose money rather than making it, but go back to my previous point, and you will see why paying bonuses makes complete sense. Ensuring that your employees’ needs are well taken care of will ensure that they take care of your needs, that is, giving their best at growing your business. As lovely as gratitude is, extra money can be an especially motivating factor. Express your gratitude through a bonus, and your business will thank you.

Give Back to Your Clients and Partners

Do not just thank your clients and your partners during the holiday season. Thank them as you go. Begin your workday with thinking about the people you are grateful for today. Extend the list beyond your family and friends. Think about your employees, clients, and partners. Every time a thought along the lines of “Thank God this person is here” crosses your mind, pick up your phone, or open a new email, and say thank you. Like we said earlier, a little thank you goes a long way.

Gratitude for Clarity and Success

Here is where things get a little woo woo. You may or may not believe in the law of attraction, and it is okay both ways. But even you would have to agree with the results. Often when you are fazed and confused, and cannot see what your next step should be, take a moment to express gratitude. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and contemplate the things you have to be grateful about. More often than not, a mental path will clear up, and at least some things will fall into place. You will have more clarity.

Did we mention we are grateful for you too? Thank you so much for staying with us so far. Do let us know if we can help your business in any way today.

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