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5 Tips To Get Your Business Ready For The Summer!

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5 Tips To Get Your Business Ready For The Summer!

Traditionally, the summer holidays can be a quieter time for businesses. School breaks up for 6 weeks and people are busy with family, summer holidays and other things. Whilst some people may see these quiet summer months as a challenge when running their own business, I prefer to see them as a business opportunity. There are still so many things you can do to boost your business, whether you work by yourself or have employees. Here are my 5 tips to take on board and make sure this summer is a successful one for you and your business.

Give your customers some attention

The run-up to summer is the time to nurture your regular clients; let them know what your opening hours are over summer. Keep them, and any new clients, up to date with any developments through email or social media. If you’re closing for a week or two, let people know well in advance, and share any dates for last orders if you’re selling a product.

Set your automatic replies on social media, and include a message explaining you are away but will get back to them soon so customers don’t feel ignored. If you send a lot of emails, update your away message and email signature so people are clued up with your plans.

Get new clients

Not all of your prospective clients will be away over the summer holidays, so now is a great time to get your marketing in shape. Take a look at your website – could it do with updating? Make sure if you are away that your business days and hours are displayed. Use the lead up to the summer period as the perfect time to plan your social media calendar and revamp all your other marketing material. You can schedule social media content to be posted automatically when you are away, which means that any new clients checking your social profiles can still see what you’re up to.

Get yourself some cover

If you work for yourself and want to take a break, plan ahead and think about taking on the services of a virtual assistant like myself to cover your role and ensure your business doesn’t completely go under the radar over summer. Let your customers know before you’re going away, and who they should contact while you’re away.

I have clients who use my services while they have a well-deserved rest; I reply to emails, manage social media content, and do the other administrative tasks that they don’t want to come back from holiday to tackle. It gives my clients a peace of mind that their business is being looked after and maintained well.

Don’t feel guilty

We all need a break once in a while, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve booked a beach holiday away with the family. Inspiration can still strike on a sun-soaked beach, far from the office. I know that your business is your baby, as my business is mine, but don’t be a slave to it. A holiday will give those batteries a recharge, meaning you’ll come back feeling refreshed and with a bang. So whether it’s a break aboard, or just time off to enjoy the summer holidays at home with the kids, you’ll return to business feeling strong, motivated, and ready to smash some new goals.

Detox the digital

And finally, use the summer as a time for a digital detox. It’s so easy to check your emails, messages and social media accounts throughout your holidays. If you want to come back fully reenergised, you need to take a break from your phone as well. If it’s really important, set aside time to check your emails. Let your customers know when you’ll be online to pick up messages, and to only contact you if it’s a genuine emergency.

Most importantly of all? Relax and enjoy a well-deserved break from all your hard work. When you return, you’ll be primed to keep on prospering. If you still feel unsure about not working or leaving your business alone whilst you’re away, then do contact me to have a conversation about using my services for your peace of mind.

Need some help over the summer, here at HMR VA Services we are fully equipped to look after your business whilst you enjoy a well-deserved break! Contact us today!

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