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5 Ways To Increase Visibility For Your Business

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5 Ways To Increase Visibility For Your Business

You have finally perfected an amazing product or service, and you cannot wait to start selling it and making money! You have got yourself a killer website and an impressive portfolio. Sadly, however, nobody other than your mother and your best friend Judy has any idea about your business. So, the next logical step would be to make your business visible to potential clients.

Perhaps you have already been in business a while now, and you are looking to expand your client base. You need to boost your visibility for that as well. While the task may feel daunting and expensive at first sight, it does not really have to be that way. Let us talk about some simple ways to increase visibility for your business without spending a fortune.

Focus on existing customers

This may sound counterintuitive, given as entrepreneurs how focused we are on growth and acquiring new clients. However, for smaller entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping their way into business, focusing on existing clients can be an excellent strategy. Getting hold of new clients and getting them to opt-in for your services can call for quite a bit of investment on the marketing and advertising fronts.

Nurturing clients who are already in business with you can be much simpler. Have a killer customer care service. I often run into businesses that have extraordinary levels of marketing targeted toward potential clients, but sheer negligence when it comes to taking care of those are already in the fold. Reply promptly to every inquiry. Respond kindly to every complaint. When it comes to complaints, remember it’s more profitable to keep your customers happy than to defend yourself.

Build relationships

Being introverted, I personally struggle with this one. I would rather not put myself out there if I could get away with it, but honestly, it pays to reach out. Networking and building relationships with fellow entrepreneurs and potential clients is a gift that keeps giving.

Start small. Reach out to local business owners within your locality or community and learn about their work. Find out what kind of challenges they face and see if the services or products you offer can help solve any of them.

Don’t forget to utilise online platforms for networking! If you have been neglecting LinkedIn so far, it’s time to dust and update your profile. LinkedIn is very much in vogue right now. Make use of it. And of course, social media is a powerful tool for networking. Become part of entrepreneur groups on Facebook, and drive traffic to your website using Pinterest and Instagram.

Create quality content

The thing to keep in mind when doing content marketing is to not sneak in sales pitches into your content. If you are writing a blog post, focus on writing something that is of genuine value to your readers. Let’s say your company sells kitchen tools and gadgets. Ergo, any content related to kitchen, cooking, and nutrition is a good idea for a blog post on your website. When you write a blog post titled “5 ideas to fix baking fails”, write it so that your readers can use these tactics without having to resort to buying your products.

A hard sell is not the way to go with content marketing. The idea is to put out content that is so valuable and well researched, that it establishes you as an authority in your field. This will, in turn, get people curious to know what else you have to offer. So, keep creating quality content that ranks well on search engines. Have a killer SEO strategy. This is an amazing way to boost your visibility.

Email campaigns

Now that you are creating quality content, deliver it right to your existing and potential customers’ doorsteps, or inboxes to be more accurate. When creating an email campaign, having an effective strategy is really important. Too few and infrequent emails and your recipients will have forgotten all about what you do by the time the next email lands in their inbox. Too many and frequent emails and they will likely get annoyed and unsubscribe. The key is to touch base two to four times a month and keeping your content relevant and valuable.

This is a pretty cheap way to keep yourself relevant and within sight, and with the right strategy, you should see a positive impact on your revenue.

Re-evaluate the strategies you have in place

Turns out that 80% of results are generated by about 20% of all your efforts. 80% of your revenue is generated by 20% of your clients, and so on. So instead of focusing equally on all your business efforts, set aside some time to evaluate which strategies and moves are working the best for your business, and focus most of your energy on those. Figure out which metrics to measure and compare and see how each of them is impacting your profit.

Now go figure out which of these 5 tips will help you grow your business to your dream business in 2020. Have an amazing year ahead!

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