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6 Apps I Use And Recommend For Women Entrepreneurs

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the best apps for women entrepreneurs

6 Apps I Use And Recommend For Women Entrepreneurs

Building a meaningful business with little to no capital is hard. There is no way around that. Regardless of how many people tell you about persistence and hard work being the key, the truth is, you will experience the slump. You will experience setbacks that will make you want to quit. They will make you question why did you embark on this absurd journey in the first place? Why did you leave the safety of a 9-5 cubicle?

But we girls have got to get each other’s backs – help out in whatever small or big ways possible. That is what I am trying to do here with my blog posts. Last year I talked about cost-effective ways to launch your business. Let us dive a little deeper and look into the tools you need to run one, and how we can minimize our costs there. And yes, these apps will work wonderfully for men as well.

Assuming you have an online business, you will need tools for notetaking, storage, password sharing, and time tracking among other things.

Below are 6 tools I recommend for all these purposes:

Note Taking

For note-taking, I am a big fan of Microsoft’s OneNote. I like the way the folder-like format in which notes are organized in OneNote. You can have different notebooks for different purposes. Each can be broken down into sections, which are further broken down into pages. Love the format and the layout.

And if you are worried that you will have to pay for MS Office to have access to OneNote, don’t be. OneNote is now a free-standing app that is also free of cost. I know there are plenty of Evernote fans out there, and no doubt Evernote is a great app in itself with its own unbeatable features. I have used both, and I like OneNote better hands down. For some reason, I cannot seem to get behind the look and feel of Evernote.


I have used a lot of cloud storage solutions, however the main one that I use in OneDrive, I love how I can pick up my files from anywhere and on my PC and Laptop my files automatically save and sync to my drive whilst I am working away on Word and Excel (two programs which I use all the time). Plus, sharing files from OneDrive is incredibly easy and secure.

The way I have my home office set up means that OneDrive works best for me as I can seamlessly switch between my PC/ Laptop or even work on them at the same time with no problems. However, GoogleDrive is the other cloud storage I regularly use. I love how so much comes for free with just one Gmail account, which is also free! Google accounts are multi-functional and all-around amazing. Each Google account comes with its own GoogleDrive storage, giving me 30 GB of free storage of files that I can access from anywhere! You could learn a thing or two, Dropbox!

Password Sharing

The type of work that I do means that I require access to various accounts, which means knowing hundreds and thousands of username and passwords.  The easiest and most secure way of being able to securely share, access, and secure these passwords is via LastPass. I have talked about LastPass before, and it is one of the main apps that I recommend constantly to everyone.

Not only do I use it for business, but I also use it for my personal life as well as I find being able to just go into a login page and have my account details just automatically filled in saves me so much time and headspace. All I have to do is remember one Master Password and the rest is done for me. If someone needs to access my PC/ Laptop, I just sign out of LastPass and all my data in LastPass is safe and secure, and no one other than me has access to any login details unless I share them with others.  

Graphic Designing

I am by no stretch of imagination anything even close to a graphic designer. But I still have to design things for my business, like, social media graphics, holiday cards, calendars, flyers, etc. Which is why I head straight to my favourite graphic design for dummies app – Canva. I have designed social media graphics for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, CV/ resumes for job applications, media kits, flyers, infographics, and so much more.

Time Tracking

Toggl is a no-nonsense time tracking app that works really well for me, and it meets all my needs. You can also sort your time tracking by project, client, team, or tags. All this plus, you can generate very good-looking reports. I love how user-friendly Toggl is, and compared to other time-tracking apps I have tried, it just seems so much easier to use. There is a reason why it used so widely used by many.

Social Media Scheduling

My day to day life is very busy, trying to juggle work with family life, so therefore social media is one of those things which is easier for me to have planned out and scheduled in advance. I have used a lot of different social media scheduling apps for my work, for me though I prefer Hootsuite, as I find it the most user-friendly and versatile compared to other similar apps. I have found the stream available with Hootsuite very useful as it gives me a quick overview of all of my social media accounts.

Have you used any of these apps before? Which one do you like best? Do you disagree with me on any of the suggestions? Let me know in the comments! And now go build that business of your dreams.

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