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7 Tips To Build A Brand Image That Is Uniquely You

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7 Tips To Build A Brand Image That Is Uniquely You

Can you hear “I’m loving it” every time you see a McDonald’s logo? That is because they have unique and consistent branding. Having a brand that is unique to you helps you establish yourself as a brand that people can trust. They are also more likely to buy from you and recommend you that way.

The specific ways to create a brand will be unique to each brand. But there are general steps you can take in the right direction. You too can build a beautiful brand. Here is how.

Make them want it

Why should your audience buy your products or service? One good way of convincing them of your product’s worth is knowing it yourself. Know what you’re selling. Not the product itself, but what it does for your client and why they should want it. I am a Virtual Assistant. I offer support around content, communication, organisation, and system. But what I really offer is a chance to worry less. A chance to relax and spend a couple more hours with your loved ones before you start thinking about work. Who would not want that?

Work on your why

It gets a lot easier to market your work when you are rooted strongly in your why. What I mean is, be very sure of why you are doing the work you are doing? It is easy to say, “to make money”, and that is a perfectly valid reason. But I would suggest having a motive in addition to that. What is your purpose? What are your values? What do you stand for? Think about these things and how are these a part of your brand.

Embrace your humanness

Remind your audience you are human. Speak like one. People are more likely to buy from you if they see themselves in you and your brand. So, skip the academic-sounding writing with big words. Make your message simple. Talk like you would talk with your best friend. Also, be honest about who you are and where you are coming from.

Own up to your mistakes

Hey, I just asked you to highlight your humanness. And being human means, you are going to make mistakes. Maybe you will send someone the wrong order. Maybe you will be unable to deliver your service on time. In these cases, work up the courage and the drive to admit and correct your mistakes. It always pays to do so, even when it means being vulnerable.

Show, don’t tell

It is the first writing advice our creative writing professor ever gave us at college. I have forgotten almost all the others, but this one stuck. Like, do you coach your clients on public speaking? Don’t say stuff like, “learn how to become a captivating public speaker”. Instead say, “Make your audience put down their phones and listen to your words”.

Stop trying to make everyone happy

Are you a person who likes to cuss? Do you use swear words in your brand materials? Then you are not catering to people who would spit out their tea in indignation and retort “I beg your pardon!” every time you drop an F-bomb. And that is okay.

Create trust through transparency

Talk about how you run your business. Be honest about the business decisions you make. Don’t sweep things under the rug. If you are an Amazon FBA entrepreneur who sources their products from China, don’t say you source them exclusively from the US, or wherever you primarily sell your products.

Don’t be afraid to sell

I know I know; this is awkward for a lot of us. I do not think of myself as a seller either. I hate coming across as pushy! But hey, I have a valuable service to offer. You created an awesome product that is going to make people’s lives easier. They deserve to know about these. But they will not unless you and I put ourselves out there and ask people to buy from us. And on that note, hire me! I am the excellent assistant you never have to yell at.

Which of these ideas will you be implementing in your business today? Let me know in the comments.

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