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A Day In The Life Of A Virtual Assistant

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A Day In The Life Of A Virtual Assistant

The life of a Virtual Assistant is ever changing and evolving; however, the flexibility and variety of my role are what I love about what I do. No two days are ever the same and I have managed to achieve things I never thought possible.


I get woken up, way too early, by my son. He has greeted me with a great big “It’s waking up time”, I look at the clock and it’s only a couple of minutes to 6am. We cuddle in bed for a bit, and he chats to me about something or other. Once I feel able to, we make our way out of the bedroom, ready to start the day.

The mornings are very busy, most of the week they consist of getting my son ready for wherever he is due to go today. It is my son’s day to go to the childminder this morning, which means we leave an hour earlier than on the days he goes to Preschool.

Once he is at the childminder, I can now focus on work. Whilst getting my son ready I would have already checked my messages, so I will already have a good idea of what has come in. So, as soon as I have the opportunity, I sit down with my to-do list and my emails and I plan my work for the day. Today all my tasks are content related!

My first task is to post some content to social media for a couple of clients, most content is already prepared so it is mainly ensuring all posts get posted correctly. Once completed I make a log of the time and alert both clients to what has been done.

My next task is to create some content for a client for use on social media, the client wants content created for the next couple of months, they know exactly what content they want, I just create it. So, I create the content for them using the clear instructions they have given me. Once all content is created, I then prepare them ready to send to the client. I log the time and let the client know.


During my lunch break, I spend some time looking for opportunities to raise awareness of my business and also looking for some potential leads, I make a note of anything of interest to look at later. I also check my messages again, sometimes work may come in throughout the day, and today is not different! A couple of pieces of work has come in so I look at my to-do list and add them where appropriate, I then confirm receipt with my clients.

This afternoon I am working on some more content for a client, this is for email marketing. The client wants me to improve their emails for them, the content is all there they just want them to look better. Since the content is already there it does not take me long to complete. I prepare to send back to the client, whilst also logging the time.

Once everything is completed and all work done today has been sent to the appropriate clients and logged onto my CRM system I am almost finished for the day. I proceed to add incoming work onto my CRM system. I then ensure all systems and information is up to date and make a quick plan of what I will work on tomorrow.

I have some time before picking my son up to clear up a little bit and relax for a little bit.


Once I have picked up my son, I will spend some time with him, he is also always very hungry despite the childminder feeding him! Once my husband is home it is then time for a quick play and then bed.

Since I got everything on my to-do list completed, I have already planned my day tomorrow, and a quick check of my messages has shown nothing urgent to deal with, I have the evening off and get to spend some time with my husband.

It has been a very good day!

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