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Are You Organised For Christmas?

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Are You Organised For Christmas?

It is now December, that means that people across the world are getting ready for Christmas. There is so much planning involved, you have presents to buy and wrap, food to cook and serve, cards to write and send, parties and meals, nativities and concerts, and that is just your personal life!

There is a lot of work planning involve around Christmas as well, Christmas opening/ service times, Christmas bonuses, business scheduling, checking in over the festive period, how prepared are you?

Is your business ready for Christmas?

It doesn’t matter if its business as usual, reduce/ limited services/, or a complete shutdown, you will still need to do some preparations ready for Christmas.

For starters, you will need to advertise your Christmas opening times, it would also be a good idea to check the opening times of those companies and/ or services that you work closely with.

If you are shutting down or operating a reduced service you will need to ensure that things still run smoothly, have you scheduled your social media posts? What about your email newsletter? How about a festive email auto reply? Is there anyone on call to answer emergency enquiries?

If you are continuing as usual is this well publicised? You should have a note on your website, social media accounts, email list, etc letting people know that you are still open for business.

Are your employee ready for Christmas?

If you hire employees or contractors then you will need to ensure they are prepared as well, do they know if they are required to work over the festive period? Do they know what they are required to do to prepare?

If you are remaining open and it’s likely to be quiet is there enough work for everyone to do? If you are going to busy do you have enough staff to handle the increased demand?

Have you organised their bonus? Christmas card and gift? Have you arranged a Christmas party? These things really help to make staff feel valued and appreciated.  

Take time to let staff know everything they have done to help you this year and how you wish to improve and grow in the New Year, it’s like the say goes, “look after your staff and they will look after your customers/ clients”.

Spread festive cheer

Even if in your personal life you are Scrooge, in business you must channel your inner Santa. You need to recognise the seasons, even (or especially) if your business is online.

If you have a brick and motor premises, decorate it, you do not have to look like Santa’s grotto but even a small Christmas Tree and a little bit of tinsel will make a huge difference. When speaking to clients mention the festive season, wish them a Merry Christmas.

If you have an online presence, again mention Christmas on your social media account, wish your followers a Merry Christmas. Write seasonal appropriate blog articles (like this one!). Once again you do not have to go overboard but acknowledge the time of year.

Find time to take it easy

Regardless of if you are working over the festive season, find some time to relax and look after yourself. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, you can still spend some time with your loved one, eat some good food, and spread some goodwill.

Whatever your plans are this Christmas, I hope you have a good one.

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