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Artificial Intelligence And The Rise Of The Virtual Assistant

It's the virtual assistant you've always dreamed of


Artificial Intelligence And The Rise Of The Virtual Assistant

The rise of technology means that there is no doubting that Artificial Intelligence is getting better and better at automating tasks that humans do. We now live in a time where it’s not just the repetitive tasks such as assembling parts in a factory that are being carried out by Artificial Intelligence, but also complex tasks that have traditionally been the domain of humans. The argument goes that pretty soon these machines will take all of the jobs, and humans need not apply.

The same applies to apps and programmes run by Artificial Intelligence designed to make our day easier. From Uber to Alexa, it seems that every area of our lives can be micromanaged and organised from just the touch of a button. However, as smart as Artificial Intelligence is, it really isn’t as smart as we may think, hence why it’s artificial.

Artificial Intelligence is no replacement for the human touch.

Whilst it is getting better at tackling complex problems, Artificial Intelligence isn’t that good at doing many of the things associated with human jobs. That is, Artificial Intelligence has the intelligence to do human tasks in a tightly controlled situation such as scheduling meetings, but it can’t understand you or respond to your requests with creativity and empathy. It lacks the human touch that we need the most.

Any tasks that require traditional ‘human’ qualities such as critical thinking, leadership or artistic expression cannot be automated and carried out by Artificial Intelligence technology. Instead, automaton can work with the non-creative and non-personal tasks that can be broken down into relatively predictable parts, carrying out the chores you didn’t want to have to do, to begin with.

The intelligence of Artificial Intelligence can help us to reach higher potentials

This much is true. It can aid us with intelligence augmentation, where machines help us in our day-to-day tasks. Machines can help people to perform better, from sending us reminders for appointments and meetings so that we’re not late, to ordering a taxi to pick us up from the airport at a pre-arranged time. But what else makes people perform better is adaptable and flexible humans working alongside Artificial Intelligence.

HMR VA Services offers tailored business support and assistant services to cover the areas that Artificial Intelligence can’t.

I can help to manage your business with scheduling meetings or issuing invoices through an app, sure, but I can also do the personal and creative tasks that need to be completed before the automation of Artificial Intelligence can aid you. For example, I can create a social media marketing plan which is then automatically posted through another programme using artificial intelligence.

With over 10 years of experience in administration and customer service, I am committed to providing you with the highest quality virtual assistance. My personalised service is tailored to support your business needs, ensuring that everything is taken care of, leaving you free to focus on the things that matter most to you. Artificial Intelligence cannot do the tasks that I specialise in; from creating original and creative content, to personalised customer service and communication management, and general administration tasks and paperwork.

Whatever menial tasks you need completed, HMR VA Services is here to fulfil

…and all with the human touch. We need to double down on humanity and rely on human intelligence instead of the artificial kind. To find out more about my services, contact me at

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