Is It Possible To Have It All?


I have been hearing a lot of people (mostly women admittedly) recently talking about ‘having it all’ and just how impossible this can feel at times.

I think society mainly points us in the direction of finding a great partner, having a great house, excelling in a brilliant career, and raising a beautiful family, whilst living the perfect lifestyle. It’s overwhelming just writing all that, let alone managing to achieve it!

Is it possible?

I think the prevalence of reality TV and social media would certainly have you believe that yes, there are some really plenty of people living this lifestyle. 

There is no end of media out there showing us content full of people living lifestyles that a lot of us could only envy. But is it possible for us to achieve it?

So, how do you achieve it? 

The majority of people who live this type of lifestyle either 

A) have worked hard for it

B) are related to someone who has worked hard for it

Maybe not in every case, but certainly in most. At the end of the day, you do not get much in this life for absolutely nothing. There is hard work involved and quite often sacrifices which you won’t always see.

The dark side

I was watching YouTube, and one of the comments a particular YouTuber made really caught my attention. They were commenting that they made this particular video because they thought it would be good, but also because they are a YouTuber and it’s their job.

Their job is constantly making video content, they have to constantly come up with new ideas, constantly filming not just their lives but also their families. It’s must take up a lot of energy, but this particular person and many more do this day in and day out.

They live an enviable life, but they sacrifice their time and privacy. 

The bottom line

The example of the YouTuber was just one example, however, a lot of celebrities/ YouTube stars/ social media influencers/ and even business people will be making very similar sacrifices.

It is not easy, and the sacrifices will not be for everyone. However, with a lot of hard work, time, effort, and the right mindset most of us can create our dream lifestyle. 

A lot of the people we admire and follow have started from nothing but look at them now. 

Taking Time Out To Refocus


It can be so hard to get carried away when you are right in the midst of everyday life. It can often feel like just taking even a second for yourself is impossible and you try and work your way through your never-ending to-do list. There is also the huge element of ‘Fear of Missing Out’, after all, who knows what will happen if you take your eye off the ball? There is also the element of becoming a martyr to our busy schedules, after all, if you don’t do it, who else will?

The truth is, regardless of what happens to us, life will continue to go on. The whole world won’t stop turning just because you take some time out, and the important things will still get done (just maybe not the way you like).

Time out is crucial

Time out may seem completely out of the question; however, it is extremely important. Quite often we get so stuck in the moment that it is very difficult to take in the whole bigger picture. Time out gives your mind and body a chance to recharge, it will give you a fresh perspective, a chance to reflect, and sometimes clarity.

I recently took a lot of time out, it wasn’t exactly planned the way it happened, but overall it is what happened. I still worked; I was still earning. However, I also managed to spend time with my family and also look after myself. I also found it gave me the space to look at my life and decide what is important, what is working, what isn’t important, and what isn’t working.

Without this time off, I probably wouldn’t have been able to reflect on my life the way I did. Sometimes to find the answer to a problem you need to remove yourself the problem. This is why it’s often easier to solve other people problems because you’re not so close to the root of the problem.

…but I have no time

Most people, who are directly employed, have an entitlement to holiday/ annual leave. This is because it is widely recognised that time away from the workplace is crucial for employees physical and mental health. However, when you are self-employed, there is no such legal requirement. Instead, it is expected that we will regulate our working arrangements.

For some this is quite easy, they ensure that they give themselves a good work/ life balance. However, it’s not so simple for others and it is very easy to slip into the habit of working more hours than you would if you were in an employed job. With no regulations in place, nobody questioning why you are still working, and unlimited hours available to work, why would you stop?

Even if you do take time out of work you need to think about how you spend the rest of your time. A lot of self-employed people have dependants or even other jobs. How do you ever get a minute to yourself if you are juggling a business, a full-time job, and childcare?

It can be easy to see why people burn out.

Boundaries and organisation are essential

Truth is, sometimes you have to be a bit ruthless. You have to learn how to say no, you have to learn how to put yourself first, you also have to learn how to manage your time effectively and plan. Once you can put firm boundaries and plans into place you will start to find that you have more time to focus on yourself.

I am not saying that you only look after yourself and start neglecting your other responsibilities. I am saying that there is an abundance of time available, and it is entirely possible to balance everything and still find time for yourself. You just need to think smart.

Support Available For Small Businesses


As a small business owner, you will find that support and guidance are invaluable, however, unless you are surrounded by other business owners you may find it hard to know where you can access support. There is, however, a lot of support out there!

Why is support vital?

It doesn’t matter what you are facing in life, facing something alone can be terrifying and isolating. It can sometimes be understandable why some people choose to face some situations alone, however, overall facing a situation with support will often yield results much quicker than doing it alone.

However, this is not the only reason why support is vital. When facing a situation alone you can only rely on your own knowledge and/ or experiences. However, if you are facing a situation with a network of support then you have the benefit of their knowledge and experience as well.

We all know that everybody will perceive situations differently, sometimes this difference in perception can be the key that unlocks the answers that you just couldn’t see.

Government/ Council

The Government (and local councils) do have support services for small business, what exactly is available may differ depending on your local area, support can include –

  • Financial support – including Start Up Loans
  • National Business Helpline – signposting and advice
  • Local Support – GrowthHub/ Chamber of Commerce/ Federation of Small Businesses, etc
  • Training and support programmes – there are several Government funded training and support programmes available in different areas

Coaches/ Mentors

As well as support from your local Government and/ or council, you can also get help private in the form of a business coach or mentor. There are several people out there who make it their business to help support both new and established businesses with a wide variety of different aspects of business.

As always, before agreeing to work with anyone, spend some time following the person, get to know them, have a conversation, and ensure that you trust them and their ability.

Networking/ Community

There is a wide business network/ community both online and offline. There are a number of groups available which are set up in order to provide support/ training/ accountability/ and/ or guidance to both new and established entrepreneurs.

These groups can be extremely vital as they allow you to quickly gain feedback, recommendations, ideas

Finding the right support

It can be overwhelming, especially at first, knowing exactly what kind of support is appropriate for your business. Especially when you start searching online or asking people, you may find that everybody has a different (sometimes conflicting) opinion about how best to run your business.

The most important thing to remember is, that people will tell you what best worked for them, they will be giving you the benefit of their experience. However, there is rarely one size fits all, and what works for one person will not necessarily work for you.

This is why it is important to align yourself with those who you feel are giving you advice you believe in and are comfortable with. If someone is advising building a funnel but you don’t really understand what you are doing, then it is not going to work. If someone is advising that you cold call people but it is not something you are comfortable doing, then it is not going to work.

You need to understand the process, you need to be comfortable with the process, and lastly, you need to believe the process. If you have all that then you are almost there.

How To Juggle Work and Family

work life

Juggling work and family, or anything and family is extremely difficult. It doesn’t really matter who those family are, it could be your spouse/ parents/ children, getting a good work-life balance is just not easy.

A lot of people strive to achieve a sense of flexibility and to spend more time with their family, this becomes even more important to people when they have children. This is something which I have spoken to many women and men about this and there is often a lot of frustration. Lack of time and childcare options are often the biggest challenges people face.

So, what is the answer? How can the balance be addressed?

My experience

I have been very honest in the past about the struggles I have had with regards to achieving a work-life balance after having my son, he has been my biggest influence in starting a business and my biggest motivation to keep going.

I have experienced both the lack of time and childcare options and felt extremely frustrated by the attitude that ‘this is the way things are’. I decided that this is not how I want to continue, and something had to change.

I now have a lot more flexibility and control over how I spend my time, however, there are still struggles. My work still needs to get done; I just have more time to do it. I can work first thing in the morning and last thing at night, whereas before I was confined to working hours.

However, I now run the risk of never stopping, so I need to be careful that I do not burn out. Family and personal time is something that I now add to my schedule in a way I never used to. The challenges are still there, but they are different and more manageable.

What can you do?

I appreciate not everyone can or will want to set up their own business, however using a similar process that I did, you too can improve your work-life balance.

I essentially looked at wasn’t working for me and looked for a solution to this problem. So, for me, the root of the problem was the lack of control over my time. Now, there are other solutions to this issue which do not involve setting up a business. You just need to find a solution which will work for you and your family.

I cannot tell you what will work for you; however, I do have some possible tips/ suggestions for you to think about which may help (or might not).

Organise your time

If time is your biggest issue, then you may find that by managing your time better, that you will be able to achieve a better work/ life balance. The easiest way to improve your time management is to carry out a time audit, which basically means your track how your time is being spent and then you look for areas of change.

Keep to office hours

Now, I appreciate this can be very tough for some people, even those who work out of the home can often be expected to take work home or be on call. As for those who work from home, how can you ever get a break when your office doubles up as your living room/ kitchen/ garden/ etc.

However, as tough as it is, especially when all your messages go straight to your phone or you can access all your work tools and files at the click of the button. However, you NEED to switch off, you need to step away. The majority of things can wait, not everything that comes in will be urgent. If it can wait until office hours, then put your phone down or switch your laptop off and leave it.

If you, like me, are not confined to office hours, you should still set some. I have office hours; I may not religiously stick to them. However, my clients know that, outside office hours, any communication I have with them is at MY discretion. Even during office hours, I may not be able to respond right away.

Prioritise personal/ family time

It is very easy to forget that our loved ones should be a priority, especially if we live with them, and therefore see them all the time. However, have you ever had one of those manic weeks where you see your family, but you don’t really spend time with them, you have no idea how their day or week has gone?

Make sure you allow space to spend proper quality time with those you love on a regular basis. If you have a spouse, arrange a date night. If you have kids take them out. Friends and family make plans with them, invite them round or go out somewhere.

Outsource tasks

Whatever is taking up your time, consider if it can be outsourced. I am not just talking about hiring a Virtual Assistant, but also things like cleaning or gardening. Whatever you are struggling with, most things can be outsourced to someone else. If you are going to outsource something, make sure you do your homework. Search around, ask other people, and make sure you speak with the person and you will confident in their ability.

Speak with your boss/ HR/ coach/ mentor/ etc.

If your biggest issue is your work itself, then speak with someone about it. Who you speak with will depend on your working situation. However, do not suffer in silence, there will be a solution. It might be able to be addressed within your current working situation, however, if that is not the case then it may be time to look elsewhere. 

How To Make The Most Of Networking


Networking is essential in all parts of life, especially business. It is very important to build relationships with other businesses. Although, as important as this is, it can also be fairly scary, especially if you are naturally introverted.

However, the majority of people will be feeling the same, and once you get in the swing of things and start to make valuable connections with people you will start to see the benefits of getting to know fellow business owners/ professionals.

Networking is traditionally done offline, however online networking groups are becoming more and more common, especially on social media.

Showcase your business

The first step of networking is having the materials to showcase your business, people will want to know what you do and how to contact you. Offline this is generally a business card, these will have everything people will need to know what you do and how to contact you. Online this can take many forms such as a website, your social media accounts, some people even go as far as creating digital business cards which can be used with online and offline networking.

As well as your business information you should also have an ‘elevator pitch’, this is a brief summary of who you are, what you do, who you serve, and what you achieve. This should be short and brief, do not go on, however it needs to be detailed enough that people have a clear understanding of what it is you do.

Target your niche/ market

Although it is handy to make connections from all different industries, you want those connections to be valuable. So, whilst, general networking is handy for targeting markets you may not have necessarily though of or for building working partnerships, you also want to look for opportunities to mix with your chosen audience, especially if you are in a very particular niche.

Ideally you will have a mixture of targeted and general networking, however, only continue with those groups or events where you find value.

Follow up

Following up is something which is extremely valuable but is very rarely done. Most of the time people will go to events/ participate in these groups and you will collect business cards/ follow each other on social media and then that is that. In most scenarios you will most likely never speak again. However, how many potential opportunities are wasted every day by this practice. This goes for a lot of business practices, not just networking.

It is always worthwhile to reach out and follow up with people, yes it is likely that you will receive a lot of “thank you but no thank you” responses, or worst no response at all. However, that is life, not everyone is your ideal fit. However, is that really worth risking never contacting the one person who says, “actually yes”?.

You will never know if you never try. Try and schedule some time on a regular basis to check in with people you haven’t heard from in a while.

It takes time and consistency

Lastly, networking will take time, think of it like any relationship it is not going to turn into something spectacular overnight. Relationships take a while to build and develop, so you are most likely going to need to give an event or group a good go before you can determine the value.

As with everything, you get what you put in. So, if after your first attempt of networking you feel a bit deflated and “that was a waste of time”, keep at it. Unless the experience made you very uncomfortable and/ or it was detrimental to your health, give it another go. Maybe next time it will be better!

5 Tips To Get Your Business Ready For The Summer!

summer break

Traditionally, the summer holidays can be a quieter time for businesses. School breaks up for 6 weeks and people are busy with family, summer holidays and other things. Whilst some people may see these quiet summer months as a challenge when running their own business, I prefer to see them as a business opportunity. There are still so many things you can do to boost your business, whether you work by yourself or have employees. Here are my 5 tips to take on board and make sure this summer is a successful one for you and your business.

Give your customers some attention

The run-up to summer is the time to nurture your regular clients; let them know what your opening hours are over summer. Keep them, and any new clients, up to date with any developments through email or social media. If you’re closing for a week or two, let people know well in advance, and share any dates for last orders if you’re selling a product.

Set your automatic replies on social media, and include a message explaining you are away but will get back to them soon so customers don’t feel ignored. If you send a lot of emails, update your away message and email signature so people are clued up with your plans.

Get new clients

Not all of your prospective clients will be away over the summer holidays, so now is a great time to get your marketing in shape. Take a look at your website – could it do with updating? Make sure if you are away that your business days and hours are displayed. Use the lead up to the summer period as the perfect time to plan your social media calendar and revamp all your other marketing material. You can schedule social media content to be posted automatically when you are away, which means that any new clients checking your social profiles can still see what you’re up to.

Get yourself some cover

If you work for yourself and want to take a break, plan ahead and think about taking on the services of a virtual assistant like myself to cover your role and ensure your business doesn’t completely go under the radar over summer. Let your customers know before you’re going away, and who they should contact while you’re away.

I have clients who use my services while they have a well-deserved rest; I reply to emails, manage social media content, and do the other administrative tasks that they don’t want to come back from holiday to tackle. It gives my clients a peace of mind that their business is being looked after and maintained well.

Don’t feel guilty

We all need a break once in a while, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve booked a beach holiday away with the family. Inspiration can still strike on a sun-soaked beach, far from the office. I know that your business is your baby, as my business is mine, but don’t be a slave to it. A holiday will give those batteries a recharge, meaning you’ll come back feeling refreshed and with a bang. So whether it’s a break aboard, or just time off to enjoy the summer holidays at home with the kids, you’ll return to business feeling strong, motivated, and ready to smash some new goals.

Detox the digital

And finally, use the summer as a time for a digital detox. It’s so easy to check your emails, messages and social media accounts throughout your holidays. If you want to come back fully reenergised, you need to take a break from your phone as well. If it’s really important, set aside time to check your emails. Let your customers know when you’ll be online to pick up messages, and to only contact you if it’s a genuine emergency.

Most importantly of all? Relax and enjoy a well-deserved break from all your hard work. When you return, you’ll be primed to keep on prospering. If you still feel unsure about not working or leaving your business alone whilst you’re away, then do contact me to have a conversation about using my services for your peace of mind.

Need some help over the summer, here at HMR VA Services we are fully equipped to look after your business whilst you enjoy a well-deserved break! Contact us today!

How to Effectively Manage Your Time

time management

Time management is such an essential skill, however, it’s one where many people feel that they struggle with. So, how can you improve this? What is the secret to managing your time effectively?

How are you spending your time?

The first step you need to take in order to manage your time better is to work out how you are currently spending your time. This can be as easy as keeping a diary and making a note of what you are doing every day, and I mean EVERYTHING, so personal and professional.

However, there are also systems out there which will make this even easier for you, for example, there are time tracking programs out there which will allow you to track your time at the click of a button. This way you will get an accurate representation of how your time is being spent.

The idea of this step is once you have a good idea of where your time is being spent you can then start to identify areas where you can change. For example, if you are struggling to keep on top of administrative tasks, but then you find out you are spending 2 hours on leisure activities but only 30 minutes on administration, you can cut down your leisure time and use it doing administration.

Plan ahead

Once you have a good idea how your time is being spent and you have identified possible areas of change you can then start planning your day/ week/ month. Look at the things that need doing, prioritise these tasks, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to take care of the non-negotiable tasks.

Once you have dealt with all the essential non-negotiable tasks you can then start fitting in everything else. This will also be a good opportunity to cut out all the things that you

  1. Don’t want to do
  2. Don’t have to do

Don’t be afraid to delegate/ outsource

At the end of this task you should feel that your workload is more manageable, if you don’t then you need to go back and start again, if things are really too much and you cannot make it work then you need to consider outside help, look at what can be delegated to family, friends, or even professionals.

You need to feel better after doing this exercise or else you are at risk of burnout if you are taking on too much. You need to ensure that yes, all your essential tasks get done but you need to have some breathing space, there is a reason why in my example above I said cut DOWN on leisure time and not cut OUT.

Set boundaries

Your time is precious, you need to make sure that you are making the most of every second. If you are the sort of person who finds themselves overwhelmed because you say yes to everything and then find yourself run ragged, STOP!

It is ok to say no to something if you genuinely can’t do something, or even if you don’t want to do something. No is not a bad word, it is a very important word, it is a powerful word. You are only human and therefore have limited capacity.

I am not saying that you need to be selfish and never help anyone but putting yourself first occasionally if extremely important for your health and wellbeing. You are just as important as everyone else.

Ongoing process

This will be an ongoing process as time is fluid, things change, and so you will need to constantly reassess how your time is being spent.

Ideally, you will reassess your time on a regular basis in order to prevent overwhelm, however, if you do start to feel overwhelmed again then this will be the time to repeat the process if you don’t then you run the risk of burnout and that is what you are trying to avoid.

For information on how I can help please have a look at my services and packages, or alternatively contact me.

A Day In The Life Of A Virtual Assistant

daily planner

The life of a Virtual Assistant is ever changing and evolving; however, the flexibility and variety of my role are what I love about what I do. No two days are ever the same and I have managed to achieve things I never thought possible.


I get woken up, way too early, by my son. He has greeted me with a great big “It’s waking up time”, I look at the clock and it’s only a couple of minutes to 6am. We cuddle in bed for a bit, and he chats to me about something or other. Once I feel able to, we make our way out of the bedroom, ready to start the day.

The mornings are very busy, most of the week they consist of getting my son ready for wherever he is due to go today. It is my son’s day to go to the childminder this morning, which means we leave an hour earlier than on the days he goes to Preschool.

Once he is at the childminder, I can now focus on work. Whilst getting my son ready I would have already checked my messages, so I will already have a good idea of what has come in. So, as soon as I have the opportunity, I sit down with my to-do list and my emails and I plan my work for the day. Today all my tasks are content related!

My first task is to post some content to social media for a couple of clients, most content is already prepared so it is mainly ensuring all posts get posted correctly. Once completed I make a log of the time and alert both clients to what has been done.

My next task is to create some content for a client for use on social media, the client wants content created for the next couple of months, they know exactly what content they want, I just create it. So, I create the content for them using the clear instructions they have given me. Once all content is created, I then prepare them ready to send to the client. I log the time and let the client know.


During my lunch break, I spend some time looking for opportunities to raise awareness of my business and also looking for some potential leads, I make a note of anything of interest to look at later. I also check my messages again, sometimes work may come in throughout the day, and today is not different! A couple of pieces of work has come in so I look at my to-do list and add them where appropriate, I then confirm receipt with my clients.

This afternoon I am working on some more content for a client, this is for email marketing. The client wants me to improve their emails for them, the content is all there they just want them to look better. Since the content is already there it does not take me long to complete. I prepare to send back to the client, whilst also logging the time.

Once everything is completed and all work done today has been sent to the appropriate clients and logged onto my CRM system I am almost finished for the day. I proceed to add incoming work onto my CRM system. I then ensure all systems and information is up to date and make a quick plan of what I will work on tomorrow.

I have some time before picking my son up to clear up a little bit and relax for a little bit.


Once I have picked up my son, I will spend some time with him, he is also always very hungry despite the childminder feeding him! Once my husband is home it is then time for a quick play and then bed.

Since I got everything on my to-do list completed, I have already planned my day tomorrow, and a quick check of my messages has shown nothing urgent to deal with, I have the evening off and get to spend some time with my husband.

It has been a very good day!

Handy Ways To Automate Your Business

automation robot

There are plenty of ways you can automate your business, however, you may be wondering why you would want to automate your business. The best reason to automate your business, well, it saves you time! As every business owner knows, time is precious. Why spend time doing tasks manually when you can spend time ensuring that the process is done for you. This isn’t to say that automation is easy or takes no time at all, but automation is definitely a smart way of working.

A business and/ or sales cycle

One of the most popular things business automate is their business/ sales cycle. Most of the time this will take the form of a funnel which aim is to drive your audience towards a certain service or product. There are many types of funnels and just as many platforms which will help you set up a funnel. The best thing about funnels is once set up they mostly run themselves.

Most funnels involve some sort of lead magnet or landing page, this will then often give the prospect the opportunity to either join your mailing list, book an appointment/ call, etc. After this you will have the opportunity to follow up with the prospect, again this could be through email, call, or some further method, you can also introduce more value in the way of an exclusive offer or premium content. The final stage is the sale, this is when your prospect now becomes a customer/ client.

A funnel can take many forms but there will always be 4 main components which prospects follow through –

  • Raise awareness
  • Generate interest
  • Make a decision
  • Take action

Social Media

Another very popular task to automate is social media, there are so many platforms out there which can help you with this! Automating social media will free up so much time, the most popular task which people automate is social media posting, you can schedule your social media posts to automatically post at a certain time and date, this can be extremely time saving and also helps with consistency. There are also tools out there which will allow your automatically publish your blog posts to your social media accounts without having to do it manually!

Another popular task that social media platforms can do is repost old posts, this is especially great if you have a lot of archived blog posts or if you have sales posts which direct your audience to your funnel or ongoing offers. A good thing to do would be to create a batch of posts and have them automatically repost on a cycle.

There are also so many platforms that will allow you to automatically share content based on keywords or activity in your network. This means that you do not have to constantly search for relevant content to share with your audience.

All these automation tools will save you a lot of time which will allow you to use social media for the purpose it was designed for, to spend time building connections and engaging with your audience.

Adding appointments/ events to your calendar

There are also lots of platforms which will allow events and appointments to get automatically added to your calendar and other people’s calendars. This can make scheduling appointments and sales call so much easier!

There are several platforms out there which will allow people to look at your availability and book in sales calls, follow up meetings, or a variety of different events. You can also set up confirmation and reminder emails to get sent out to both yourself and other attendees.

This makes syncing up calendars so much easier!

Project Management

There are several different project management and customer relationship management platforms out there which will allow you to set up automatic sequences on automation.

This could be something as simple as adding a new contact when an appointment is made, to sending out an email when a certain task is completed, to setting up a reminder to follow up if there has been a certain period of inactivity.

Invoices and Finances

With handy features like direct debits and automatic invoicing with notifications and automatic reminders, your day to day finances really do just take care of themselves. More and more services are also making filing/ keeping track of accounts easier by tracking outgoings, including expenses.

There are many systems which will make accounting and bookkeeping so much easier and many are recognised/ approved by HMRC.

Communication and Customer Service

Along with email/ text/ messaging autoresponders which use clever AI to answer common enquiries that your business may receive, you can also do many other fantastic things such as schedule a series of emails/ text to be sent for a whole variety of different reasons.

There are also systems out there which allow you to create an automated and fully functioning help desk, allowing you to focus more on any important issues.

Analytics and Insights

There are loads of different programs and systems out there, many of them offer in depth statistics which are automatically generated with giving you important information regarding your audience’s behaviours as well as your performance.

What you do with this information (or if you even glance at it) is up to you, however, information like this can be used to improve marketing or look for weaknesses in the business. Even if you do not understand what the figures are trying to tell you, you can ask an expert to analyse the figure for you and help you form a plan of action.


A single system alone can be incredibly useful and powerful, they all come with so many useful features that you will be left wondering how you managed this long without it.

However, more and more systems are allowing the possibility to integrate with each other, meaning that your CRM system will integrate with your social media account, email marketing software, invoicing system, etc.

The level of integration between systems still varies greatly and will depend on several factors and not all systems will have the ability to integrate with each other.

If you want to find out more about how to automate your business then contact us and we will find ways to automate your business in order to improve efficiency and productivity.

5 Acts Of Gratitude To Grow Your Business

thank you

Gratitude makes the world go round. Or, at least it should. We strongly believe that if we made gratitude our driving emotion as opposed to other, less positive ones, we would be operating on a whole different and amazing level, both as individuals and as businesses. Yes, I said businesses. You must have heard or read about how gratitude is crucial toward personal development. Now let me tell you that is crucial to the development of your business as well. How? Read on to find out.

Say “thank you”

The power of a simple thank you cannot be overstated. It is one of those commonplace things that seemingly do not make much of a difference, but in business, it can be a subtle game changer. It pays to remember that people like being acknowledged and appreciated, and it costs nothing to give them that acknowledgement and appreciation. Say thank you to potential clients for reaching out. Say thank you to your secretary for bringing you that cup of coffee. Say thank you to all your employees for their service. Say thank you to all your clients for choosing you and staying with you. Say thank you and mean it. It is important to feel the gratitude you express, partly because your employees and clients can spot an unfeeling expression of gratitude from miles away.

Create a Company Culture of Gratitude

You heard me! What made you quit your job and start a business? Did you dread Mondays? Did you dread going back to a place where you toiled day after day, month after month, only to be undervalued and underappreciated? Most employees who are unsatisfied with their workplace report that they are more likely to stay in a job where their efforts are recognized and appreciated. Do not recreate for your employees a workplace that you escaped from. Create a culture of gratitude, and not just by saying thank you. Go a few steps further, and reward your employees with career development opportunities, scope to exercise their creativity, involving them in business decisions, and in general supporting team spirit and employee wellbeing.

Pay bonuses

You heard me! Pay your employees the bonuses they deserve and pay it on time. At first sight, this might feel like a recipe to lose money rather than making it, but go back to my previous point, and you will see why paying bonuses makes complete sense. Ensuring that your employees’ needs are well taken care of will ensure that they take care of your needs, that is, giving their best at growing your business. As lovely as gratitude is, extra money can be an especially motivating factor. Express your gratitude through a bonus, and your business will thank you.

Give Back to Your Clients and Partners

Do not just thank your clients and your partners during the holiday season. Thank them as you go. Begin your workday with thinking about the people you are grateful for today. Extend the list beyond your family and friends. Think about your employees, clients, and partners. Every time a thought along the lines of “Thank God this person is here” crosses your mind, pick up your phone, or open a new email, and say thank you. Like we said earlier, a little thank you goes a long way.

Gratitude for Clarity and Success

Here is where things get a little woo woo. You may or may not believe in the law of attraction, and it is okay both ways. But even you would have to agree with the results. Often when you are fazed and confused, and cannot see what your next step should be, take a moment to express gratitude. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and contemplate the things you have to be grateful about. More often than not, a mental path will clear up, and at least some things will fall into place. You will have more clarity.

Did we mention we are grateful for you too? Thank you so much for staying with us so far. Do let us know if we can help your business in any way today.

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