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self care

The New Entrepreneur’s Guide To Self-Care In 2020

Burnout is real. Especially for new entrepreneurs who are learning the ropes for the first time and figuring out quite literally everything while having so much at stake, overwhelm is only to be expected. It is how we manage this overwhelm and prevent ourselves from burning out that will ultimately dictate how long and how …


5 Ways To Increase Visibility For Your Business

You have finally perfected an amazing product or service, and you cannot wait to start selling it and making money! You have got yourself a killer website and an impressive portfolio. Sadly, however, nobody other than your mother and your best friend Judy has any idea about your business. So, the next logical step would …


Are You Ready For The New Year – Plan For Success In 2020!

You could let this new year be like every other year, where you make your new year resolutions and forget about them before February comes around. Or you could put apply a different strategy and actually have a plan to accomplish what you want this year. What is important is to gain clarity on what …

have it all

Is It Possible To Have It All?

I have been hearing a lot of people (mostly women admittedly) recently talking about ‘having it all’ and just how impossible this can feel at times. I think society mainly points us in the direction of finding a great partner, having a great house, excelling in a brilliant career, and raising a beautiful family, whilst …


Taking Time Out To Refocus

It can be so hard to get carried away when you are right in the midst of everyday life. It can often feel like just taking even a second for yourself is impossible and you try and work your way through your never-ending to-do list. There is also the huge element of ‘Fear of Missing …

support system

Support Available For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you will find that support and guidance are invaluable, however, unless you are surrounded by other business owners you may find it hard to know where you can access support. There is, however, a lot of support out there! Why is support vital? It doesn’t matter what you are facing …

work and family

How To Juggle Work and Family

Juggling work and family, or anything and family is extremely difficult. It doesn’t really matter who those family are, it could be your spouse/ parents/ children, getting a good work-life balance is just not easy. A lot of people strive to achieve a sense of flexibility and to spend more time with their family, this …


How To Make The Most Of Networking

Networking is essential in all parts of life, especially business. It is very important to build relationships with other businesses. Although, as important as this is, it can also be fairly scary, especially if you are naturally introverted. However, the majority of people will be feeling the same, and once you get in the swing …

summer ready

5 Tips To Get Your Business Ready For The Summer!

Traditionally, the summer holidays can be a quieter time for businesses. School breaks up for 6 weeks and people are busy with family, summer holidays and other things. Whilst some people may see these quiet summer months as a challenge when running their own business, I prefer to see them as a business opportunity. There …

time management

How to Effectively Manage Your Time

Time management is such an essential skill, however, it’s one where many people feel that they struggle with. So, how can you improve this? What is the secret to managing your time effectively? How are you spending your time? The first step you need to take in order to manage your time better is to …