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A Day In The Life Of A Virtual Assistant

The life of a Virtual Assistant is ever changing and evolving; however, the flexibility and variety of my role are what I love about what I do. No two days are ever the same and I have managed to achieve things I never thought possible. Morning I get woken up, way too early, by my …

buisness automation

Handy Ways To Automate Your Business

There are plenty of ways you can automate your business, however, you may be wondering why you would want to automate your business. The best reason to automate your business, well, it saves you time! As every business owner knows, time is precious. Why spend time doing tasks manually when you can spend time ensuring …

thank you

5 Acts Of Gratitude To Grow Your Business

Gratitude makes the world go round. Or, at least it should. We strongly believe that if we made gratitude our driving emotion as opposed to other, less positive ones, we would be operating on a whole different and amazing level, both as individuals and as businesses. Yes, I said businesses. You must have heard or …


Artificial Intelligence And The Rise Of The Virtual Assistant

The rise of technology means that there is no doubting that Artificial Intelligence is getting better and better at automating tasks that humans do. We now live in a time where it’s not just the repetitive tasks such as assembling parts in a factory that are being carried out by Artificial Intelligence, but also complex …

girl power

Being A Female Entrepreneur – Challenges And Upsides

As a female entrepreneur, you have known your fair share of struggles. You have been knocked off your feet again and again. Sometimes it has been by societal norms that accuse you of not paying enough attention to your family. Sometimes it is by religious decree, sometimes by your own family, and sometimes by the …


How To Make Use Of Other Forms Of Marketing

These days there is a lot of focus on social media marketing, which is great as it’s an ideal tool for many businesses to express themselves and showcase their products and services. However, there are many other forms of marketing that are often overlooked. In this blog, I’ll outline 5 other forms of marketing that …

your freedom

It Is Ok To Do Things Your Way

One of the things I have come to notice a lot more recently than I used to is how there is so much information out there about how you should do things, this is something that applies in many areas of life, not just business. The right way of doing things Whilst I fully endorse …

social media tips

How to Build A Competitive Social Media Strategy

In our previous post, we outlined WHY you need a social media strategy, how it helps to set your business apart, and contributes to sales and growth. To recap, it helps you: Establish a brand presence and image Humanize your brand Target your audience more effectively Not to worry about what to post next and …

social media strategy

Why Do You Need A Social Media Strategy?

Social media is your one true love when it comes to running an online business. If you are not using social media extensively to establish your brand and promote sales already, we need to rectify that right away. In this post, I am going to highlight the positive impact social media can have on your …

step back

Sometimes You Just Need To Take A Step Back

It is so easy when you are running a business to get so caught up in everything that is going on that you suddenly find yourself overwhelmed. When we are so focused on something when we are giving it our all we tend to lose perspective and miss little warning signs. This is why it …