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The Most Valuable Thing A Virtual Assistant Can Save You – Time

I have previously spoken about how a virtual assistant can save you money, I have given two examples of what a virtual assistant can do (presentation assistance and travel planning), however I will now share with you the number one thing a virtual assistant can save you, and that is time. Time is precious Time …

travel planning

Let Your Virtual Assistant Help You With Arrangements!

Whether you are planning a trip, organizing a meeting, or hosting an event, a Virtual Assistant can help you with all arrangements and planning. Freeing up your time and eliminating stress. What can a Virtual Assistant do? There is a Virtual Assistant available for almost everything, whether its researching, contacting, sourcing, planning, strategy, designing, or …

board room

Got A Presentation To Do? From Their ‘Office’ To Your Board Room

If you have an important project to oversee with numerous presentations, reports, documents, meetings, statistics, budgets, etc. You could be forgiven for finding juggling everything stressful and overwhelming. A Virtual Assistant can help take on some of the burden. Planning and strategy At the beginning of the process your Virtual Assistant can help you brainstorm …


How Can A Virtual Assistant Help Save You Money?

Is there a job that you have to do but you don’t enjoy doing or you struggle to find time to do? A tiny menial little task that just takes forever to do? Is there something that needs doing but takes your time and focus away from doing the things that you love? Or maybe …

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Welcome To HMR VA Services

I am writing this post to introduce you to myself, my website, and my blog. I am excited to be able to start assisting you and helping you connect with your customers, sort of your administration, add content to your website, or build up your social media presence. Who am I? My name is Hannah, …