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Communicate Your Business Through Your Virtual Assistant

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Communicate Your Business Through Your Virtual Assistant

Maya Angelou said, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” How you make your clients feel when they are working with you, is crucial to turning one-time clients into consistent returning clients. The more comfortable and prioritised they feel working with you, the likelier it is that they will come back to you in the future.

One very important way of making sure that your clients realise how important they are to you is maintaining excellent communication – with your existing clients, prospective clients, and your audience.

Here are a few ways in which you as a business can communicate with your audience and clientele:

  1. Email correspondence and Inbox Management
  2. Audience Engagement on Your Content Platform
  3. Moderating Groups on Facebook
  4. Captioning and Posting Your Content

A Virtual Assistant can make your life a lot easier by offering their assistance on these tasks. Read on to find out how.

Email Correspondence and Inbox Management

Email is your primary medium of communication with clients if you are an online business owner, especially if your clients live geographically far away from you. Therefore, proper email correspondence and inbox management can be pivotal for your business. Your emails can be sorted by levels of urgency, or by types of action necessary for each, or any other method best suited to your way of working.

However, Inbox Management is more than simply reading and answering emails. It is understanding which emails need to be answered right away and which emails can wait. It is staying on top of all the latest conversations and decisions between you and your clients. Efficient inbox management leads the way to good business, and happy clients, eventually helping you generate the profit you envision.

Use emails as a medium to communicate the best of what you have to offer and show that you are there for your clients and audience. Therefore, it is crucial to get back to your clients as soon as they reach out to you. Availability is excellent at making clients feel wanted and important.

A General Virtual Assistant can efficiently manage your business inbox.

Audience Engagement on Content

Most online business owners, and even physical brick and mortar business owners are likely to have a website and blog, social media accounts, and/or a YouTube channel in this day and age. We certainly hope you are crushing it at reaching and growing your audience, and providing them with valuable content and advice, while at the same time making it big for yourself.

Your audience interacts with you via comments on your blog posts, tweets, Instagram posts, and under your YouTube videos. It is as important for you to respond to them, as it is to post the content in the first place. Not getting a reply to their comments, or not getting the kind of reply they wish for, can be disheartening. If this something that happens repeatedly, or in case of sensitive members of your clientele and audience, it has the potential to hurt your business. The way you interact with your audience sets the tone for the kind of business person you are and shapes the expectations of your potential clients regarding what they can expect of you. A first impression is rarely changeable. If your audience is huge, you do not necessarily have to answer each and every comment, but it is definitely a good idea to answer enough of them to keep them coming back.

If you dread replying to comments one by one, let your Virtual Assistant take that over for you. Assign your Virtual Assistant as an admin for your site and YouTube channel, and relax while your business communication is taken care of.

A Social Media Virtual Assistant, especially one with some experience in PR would be an excellent choice for this task.

Group Moderating

More and more content creators and online business owners are turning to Facebook groups to grow their own loyal following. Facebook groups are an excellent platform to make people feel that they belong and that their opinions and voices are heard. You must also engage with your audience generously and regularly.

Once again, a virtual assistant is essential and invaluable if constant social media interaction is not your cup of tea. Responding to comments on Instagram feed is one thing, but a Facebook group is more personal, more private, more exclusive. The people in your Facebook groups are your loyal followers, your tribe. This is especially true if you have Premium or Subscription groups on Facebook.

Take the time to build and grow your tribe. After a certain point, it is no longer a one-person job, and help is needed. That is where your Virtual Assistant comes in. A Social Media Virtual Assistant would be perfect for this role as well.

Captioning and Posting your Content

I could not overstress the importance of copywriting for the success of your business. Every blog post you write, every caption to your Facebook and Instagram post, every tweet, is an example of a well thought out copy. It is an amazing tool at helping to optimize your content, and by extension, your business. How well your copywriting is to a large extent determines how visible you are online, since SEO is a large part of copywriting.

Words may or may not be your cup of tea, but it certainly is for a Copywriting Virtual Assistant. It is almost criminal to not make use of one.

For all your copywriting needs, and other Virtual Assistant needs, contact us, for more information on how HMR VA Services can help your business with communication click here.

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