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Handy Ways To Automate Your Business

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Handy Ways To Automate Your Business

There are plenty of ways you can automate your business, however, you may be wondering why you would want to automate your business. The best reason to automate your business, well, it saves you time! As every business owner knows, time is precious. Why spend time doing tasks manually when you can spend time ensuring that the process is done for you. This isn’t to say that automation is easy or takes no time at all, but automation is definitely a smart way of working.

A business and/ or sales cycle

One of the most popular things business automate is their business/ sales cycle. Most of the time this will take the form of a funnel which aim is to drive your audience towards a certain service or product. There are many types of funnels and just as many platforms which will help you set up a funnel. The best thing about funnels is once set up they mostly run themselves.

Most funnels involve some sort of lead magnet or landing page, this will then often give the prospect the opportunity to either join your mailing list, book an appointment/ call, etc. After this you will have the opportunity to follow up with the prospect, again this could be through email, call, or some further method, you can also introduce more value in the way of an exclusive offer or premium content. The final stage is the sale, this is when your prospect now becomes a customer/ client.

A funnel can take many forms but there will always be 4 main components which prospects follow through –

  • Raise awareness
  • Generate interest
  • Make a decision
  • Take action

Social Media

Another very popular task to automate is social media, there are so many platforms out there which can help you with this! Automating social media will free up so much time, the most popular task which people automate is social media posting, you can schedule your social media posts to automatically post at a certain time and date, this can be extremely time saving and also helps with consistency. There are also tools out there which will allow your automatically publish your blog posts to your social media accounts without having to do it manually!

Another popular task that social media platforms can do is repost old posts, this is especially great if you have a lot of archived blog posts or if you have sales posts which direct your audience to your funnel or ongoing offers. A good thing to do would be to create a batch of posts and have them automatically repost on a cycle.

There are also so many platforms that will allow you to automatically share content based on keywords or activity in your network. This means that you do not have to constantly search for relevant content to share with your audience.

All these automation tools will save you a lot of time which will allow you to use social media for the purpose it was designed for, to spend time building connections and engaging with your audience.

Adding appointments/ events to your calendar

There are also lots of platforms which will allow events and appointments to get automatically added to your calendar and other people’s calendars. This can make scheduling appointments and sales call so much easier!

There are several platforms out there which will allow people to look at your availability and book in sales calls, follow up meetings, or a variety of different events. You can also set up confirmation and reminder emails to get sent out to both yourself and other attendees.

This makes syncing up calendars so much easier!

Project Management

There are several different project management and customer relationship management platforms out there which will allow you to set up automatic sequences on automation.

This could be something as simple as adding a new contact when an appointment is made, to sending out an email when a certain task is completed, to setting up a reminder to follow up if there has been a certain period of inactivity.

Invoices and Finances

With handy features like direct debits and automatic invoicing with notifications and automatic reminders, your day to day finances really do just take care of themselves. More and more services are also making filing/ keeping track of accounts easier by tracking outgoings, including expenses.

There are many systems which will make accounting and bookkeeping so much easier and many are recognised/ approved by HMRC.

Communication and Customer Service

Along with email/ text/ messaging autoresponders which use clever AI to answer common enquiries that your business may receive, you can also do many other fantastic things such as schedule a series of emails/ text to be sent for a whole variety of different reasons.

There are also systems out there which allow you to create an automated and fully functioning help desk, allowing you to focus more on any important issues.

Analytics and Insights

There are loads of different programs and systems out there, many of them offer in depth statistics which are automatically generated with giving you important information regarding your audience’s behaviours as well as your performance.

What you do with this information (or if you even glance at it) is up to you, however, information like this can be used to improve marketing or look for weaknesses in the business. Even if you do not understand what the figures are trying to tell you, you can ask an expert to analyse the figure for you and help you form a plan of action.


A single system alone can be incredibly useful and powerful, they all come with so many useful features that you will be left wondering how you managed this long without it.

However, more and more systems are allowing the possibility to integrate with each other, meaning that your CRM system will integrate with your social media account, email marketing software, invoicing system, etc.

The level of integration between systems still varies greatly and will depend on several factors and not all systems will have the ability to integrate with each other.

If you want to find out more about how to automate your business then contact us and we will find ways to automate your business in order to improve efficiency and productivity.

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