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How To Generate Fresh Content Ideas Even When You Do Not Feel Creative

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How To Generate Fresh Content Ideas Even When You Do Not Feel Creative

Sometimes I feel so tapped out. I feel I have already written blog posts on all the content ideas I could possibly have. And that I have nothing new to say. Everything has already been said by me or by other people who are way better than I am. But this is a lie that tired and exhausted me tells myself. Truth is there are always things to be talked about. Even things that others have already discussed. This is because nobody reaches everybody. Perhaps your unique way of saying it will resonate with someone who cannot relate to another person talking about essentially the same thing.

But feeling like you are out of ideas is very common and very natural. So, for times when you feel you have run out of your creativity, here are a few tips:

Give yourself permission to be silly

Toddlers are some of the most creative people that exist. And they do incredibly silly things. Psychology Today says, “to be more creative, try being a little silly”. The idea is to jolt your brain out of its rut. Doing something you do not expect yourself to do. It will force your brain to think in ways it has not before. Break into a tap dance routine spontaneously next time you are walking to the grocery store. See if that gives you a fresh perspective on anything. This by no way means your content needs to be silly – just you when creating it.

Rehash your old content

Revisit topics you have already talked about. Because let us face it. Nobody remembers what you talked about in your blog post from five months ago about how to make DIY home cleaning products. And nobody but very loyal followers are going to dig through months’ worth of posts to find that one blog post. So, for the sake of yourself and your readers, go back to your old content. I am sure you will find ways to say it better and update it for the present time.

Know that there are infinite content ideas out there

Believe there is always more where that came from. Flip your story. Don’t tell yourself, I’m out of ideas. Tell yourself, I am freaking amazing at generating content! I am a content machine! Sometimes the most important thing to do is to sit back and put your trust in something bigger than yourself. This could be God. This could be the universe. Or your spirit guide, or simply your own subconscious mind or higher self. Let them handle it and let the ideas flow through you. If this sounds a little woo woo, that is because it is. But woo woo works better than a lot of people give it credit for.

Keep a running topic list

Grab ideas wherever you find them. They are all around you. The world is so strange and eventful, that you will never run out of things to marvel at or be amused by. Content is everywhere – magazines, TV shows, news articles, podcasts, conversations you overhear at a shopping mall, etc. I guarantee you will run into something content worthy. Keep a small notepad and a pen with you, and scribble ideas whenever you have it. Or just use your smartphone to keep notes.

Listen to questions people ask you or the advice they seek from you

Do people often come to you seeking advice? What do they ask for advice on? My friends and family are always asking me for career-related advice. They will ask for tips and tricks on how to ace an interview, or how to write a cover letter for a job. Or even how to deal with a boss who likes to demean their subordinates. Pay attention to what the people around you ask you questions about. These are potential content that you can put up on your blog or social media.

Keep it short and sweet

I usually write long blog posts. But to prove my point, the next blog post I write is going to be short and sweet. Ideally, your blog posts need to be at least 300 words to rank on Google. So, feel free to write posts that are between 300 and 600 words. You do not have to write a 1000-word long essay like I tend to.

Purpose over whim

This friend of mine is starting her own blog. If it was up to her, all she would talk about are her cats. But the point of a blog, especially if you are looking to make money and expand it into a business, talking about whatever catches your fancy is not a good idea. Think about what purpose is your blog posts and other content you are producing serving.

I hope the list helped. Let me know which one resonated with you the most. And if you need help creating content, drop me a line over at my contact page!

See you next week.

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