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How To Stay Motivated In Order To Achieve Your Goals

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How To Stay Motivated In Order To Achieve Your Goals

Happy 2019! It’s a New Year which marks a fresh start, many people take this time of year as an opportunity to set goals and resolutions in order to give them something to work towards. However, setting goals is just one thing, you then have to work towards and then achieve them.

Why do we lose motivation?

The biggest challenge most people will come across when trying to achieve their goals will be finding the motivation to start, even those things that we really want to do and go into full of enthusiasm are not immune from a sudden drop in motivation to continue.

So, since motivation is a major part of success, why is motivation so difficult?

There are many reasons why you may find yourself lacking motivation, some of the most common are –

  • A lack of purpose or direction
  • Unrealistic expectations or targets
  • Focusing too much on others and/ or not enough on yourself

A lack of purpose or direction

In order for you to be able to stay on target, you need to ensure that you have a clear purpose, you need to know what you are aiming for and why. Without a clear purpose you will not be able to have a clear direction. You need a clear direction as this will help guide you towards achieving your goals.

So, you will need to be very clear on what you are aiming for, why you are aiming for it, and how you will achieve it.

Without a clear purpose or direction, you run the risk of losing focus and getting lost.

Unrealistic expectations or targets

As much many may wish that this time next week, we can be multimillionaires with an army of staff and our own country, the reality is that is not possible for many people. For some this may well be a very realistic goal but for many people it would take them longer than a week to achieve.

When setting your goals, you need to be very sure that you set goals that are within your ability to achieve. This does not mean completely forgetting about ever earning a million.

You may not be able to earn a million by next week, but could you earn half of that or a quarter? Think to yourself, realistically how long can it take me to earn a million? what smaller goals can I aim for to help me along the way?

Earning a million may be your overall long-term goal but the half/ quarter of a million can be the smaller goals which help you to ensure you reach your goal.

Focusing too much on others and/ or not enough on yourself

Everyone has responsibilities and it is very easy and understandable to let other people be the reason why you do not do something, even though it is what you really want, especially if you have people who are dependent on you like elderly relatives, children, or animals.

Let’s say your overall goal is to live abroad in a country which has sunshine all year round and in a location that is by the sea? It is one of those goals that you have looked into countless times, you have researched it, you have dreamed about it, you have done everything but actually do it.


A common reason is, I can’t just abandon my current life, I have people who are depending on me. My children are settled in school, my parents are ill and do/ may need me, I have pets I couldn’t possibly leave behind.

I am not saying these are not very valid reasons, because they are all very valid and understandable reasons. However, you children will one day grow up, people and animals unfortunately do not live forever, so once this stage of your life is over, then what? Are you anywhere close to your dream of living abroad? It is time to stop thinking of excuses and start taking steps to achieve your goal.


I am not saying you should abandon your current life right now, book a flight, and live your dream today. That would be a very bad idea for a lot of reasons, for starters it would go against my first two points above.

However, my two points above will help you to achieve your overall goal whilst also being present for those that need you. Maybe you cannot move abroad right now, but what you can do is start putting things into place which will make it possible for you to move abroad in the future.

During your research, did you come across things that you would need that you do not currently have? If so, how do you get them? How long will it take? How will you live once out there? What do you need? What do you want?

Even if you cannot live your dream right now, you can plan your dream so that when the time is right it will be more easily attainable, and you cannot use the other classic excuse, it’s too late now.

Keep focused and stay motivated

By having a clear purpose, direction, achievable targets, and planning ahead you will be able to achieve your long-term overall goal, whatever that may be.

No, you probably cannot be a millionaire or live abroad next week, but what you can do is set smaller short-term goals which will help you along the way.

There will be bumps along the way, things will not always be easy, however if it’s something that you really want, then go for it.

There is a quote I recently found which I absolutely love, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ― Thomas Edison.

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