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Is It Possible To Have It All?

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Is It Possible To Have It All?

I have been hearing a lot of people (mostly women admittedly) recently talking about ‘having it all’ and just how impossible this can feel at times.

I think society mainly points us in the direction of finding a great partner, having a great house, excelling in a brilliant career, and raising a beautiful family, whilst living the perfect lifestyle. It’s overwhelming just writing all that, let alone managing to achieve it!

Is it possible?

I think the prevalence of reality TV and social media would certainly have you believe that yes, there are some really plenty of people living this lifestyle. 

There is no end of media out there showing us content full of people living lifestyles that a lot of us could only envy. But is it possible for us to achieve it?

So, how do you achieve it? 

The majority of people who live this type of lifestyle either 

A) have worked hard for it

B) are related to someone who has worked hard for it

Maybe not in every case, but certainly in most. At the end of the day, you do not get much in this life for absolutely nothing. There is hard work involved and quite often sacrifices which you won’t always see.

The dark side

I was watching YouTube, and one of the comments a particular YouTuber made really caught my attention. They were commenting that they made this particular video because they thought it would be good, but also because they are a YouTuber and it’s their job.

Their job is constantly making video content, they have to constantly come up with new ideas, constantly filming not just their lives but also their families. It’s must take up a lot of energy, but this particular person and many more do this day in and day out.

They live an enviable life, but they sacrifice their time and privacy. 

The bottom line

The example of the YouTuber was just one example, however, a lot of celebrities/ YouTube stars/ social media influencers/ and even business people will be making very similar sacrifices.

It is not easy, and the sacrifices will not be for everyone. However, with a lot of hard work, time, effort, and the right mindset most of us can create our dream lifestyle. 

A lot of the people we admire and follow have started from nothing but look at them now. 

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