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Our packages cover the level of support you require ensuring you receive the kind of support or attention that is right for you.

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DIY Assistant Management
Do you need something creating so that you can use it for yourself? It could be a letter template or a social media plan? Whatever your needs, our DIY plan is perfect for those who need something which they can use themseleves as they wish. Do you need an extra pair of hands? Someone to be there to support you? Maybe you are struggling to find enough hours in the day and just want someone to share the load? The assistant package is perfect for those who want help but still wish to remain in control. Do you wish you could make a task just disappear? Is there something which is taking your time and you just want someone else to take charge? Maybe you just want to focus on your energy on more worthwhile tasks? Then our management package is perfect for you, let us take charge of those time wasting tasks!