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What can HMR VA Services Do For You?

It's the virtual assistant you've always dreamed of

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What can HMR VA Services Do For You?

I have written plenty about what a virtual assistant can do for you, however you may be wondering what can I do for you?

The answer is simple really, I can help you by taking over those menial tasks that take up your valuable time which could be best spent elsewhere.

My services at a glance

I have had over 10 years in administration and customer service, so a lot of the services that I offer are second nature to me. I can help you create and maintain a spreadsheet, I can help engage with your customers, I can help manage your social media accounts, I can help update your website.

I can help you with just one area or with multiple areas, or I can help with a little bit from each area. I believe in providing a personalised service which is tailored to meet your needs.

General administration services

Is there a project that you are working on but could do with an extra pair of hands to get it finished on time? Maybe your struggling to keep up to date with all your meetings and appointments and need someone to manage your time for you? Or perhaps you need someone to create documents for use within your business?

I can assist you with all your administrative tasks from calendar management to document management.

For a full list of general administration services click here.

Customer services

Is your inbox getting you down? Do you have a lot of emails that you need preparing? Maybe you need someone to help answer customer enquiries? Or you want to gauge your customer satisfaction?

I can assist you with all your customer service needs from inbox management to customer satisfaction.

For a full list of customer services click here.

Social media services

Are you struggling to find time to regularly post content to your social media accounts? Maybe you are unsure what social media websites you should be part of? Or are you struggling to engage with your followers?

I can assist you with all your social media service needs from social media scheduling to engaging with your followers.

For a full list of services click here.

Website services

Do you struggle to know what to put on your website? Maybe your website needs a bit of updating? Are you rebranding and need someone to ensure your website is consistent with your brand?

I can assist you with all your website service needs from website content to website updating.

For a full list of services click here.

How to start working with me

You can contact me by clicking here and filling out the form, we will go over your needs and requirements to ensure that you receive the right service for you and your business.

I will give you details about how we work, the tools I use, and different ways to contact me. We will have regularly meeting and you will also be able to book additional meetings with me should you wish.

You will work together, and you will be fully involved every step of the way.

So contact me today to discover how I can help you!

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