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Yes, Hard Work Is Important But So Are You

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Yes, Hard Work Is Important But So Are You

I have been reading a lot about how hard work is important, you need to be consistent and show up, and you need to treat your business/ work like your business/ work and not a hobby. I do agree with all of that, after all no one is going to pay you for doing nothing.

However, amongst all of these messages one stood out for me, and that was a reminder that yes, hard work is important but occasionally you need to take time for yourself. This stood out to me because this is more aligned to my beliefs, what I have been trying to achieve in my own life, and the topic of many of my blog posts.

You matter too

Yes, I get it. There is competition everywhere and you want to be the one who comes out on top. There is this constant fear of ‘the competition’ and not being seen as ‘lazy’ or ‘complacent’.

I also understand that in order to succeed you need to put the work in, very few people in this world have successfully been able to make money doing absolutely nothing at all.

However, there needs to be a balance between hard work and time off, no one is going to get very far if they never stop. In fact, it is more likely that one day your body will catch up and you will find yourself very ill, so I want you to ask yourself how long can you afford to be ill for?

Is success really worth it if you are now too ill to actually enjoy it?

Your loved ones matter too

I suspect most of us are working in order to support and treat our loved one, one of my main reasons for doing what I am doing now is for my child. I really do understand the drive to want to be able to earn money in order to provide and treat the ones you love.

As well as being a mother I am also a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, niece, friend, and many more other things to many different people. I have a lot of people I care about in my life so of course I want to ensure I can help them.

However, I also know that each and every one of those people would prefer to have my time over my money. So, whilst yes, it is important for me to earn money, after all I know my child and my husband really enjoy eating so they appreciate me being able to provide food amongst other things.

They also want to spend time with me, because whilst they all appreciate that money is important, they care about me and not my money. So, I suppose you should ask yourself what would your love ones want more? You time or your money?

Money is important

I am in no way saying that money is not important. Money is very important and money is something you should care about, value, and protect but so are your loved ones, yourself, and your business/ work.

Money should be just as important as you loved ones and you should try to make room for everyone. Just like most care about their children equally, think of your money as another person you care for, and prioritise accordingly.  

Money should be just as important as yourself, you should look after your money as well as looking after yourself. You should not neglect either yourself/ health/ or money.

Money is just as important as your business/ work, lets face it your business/ work is the gateway to money and without it you will have none. Plus, without money it will be difficult to look after yourself and your loved one.  So really you need to take care and look after all aspects of your life as everything is connected.

There is enough time for everything and everyone, you just need to make room and prioritise.

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